Building Logrange

To build Logrange from sources you need to have Golang installed on your local machine. Building logrange is pretty straight-forward process.

If $GOPATH is not configured, do export GOPATH="$HOME/go" Add the bin path to $PATH: export PATH=$PATH:$GOPATH/bin

Get logrange sources and its dependencies:

go get -u -v
cd $GOPATH/src/
go get ./...

If you run into modules disabled by GO111MODULE=auto, do export GO111MODULE=on

To build logrange type:

go build -v ./...

you can run tests to be sure everything is fine:

go test -v ./...

install executables:

go install -v ./...

To run the server locally with default settings just type:

logrange start

If you are on a Mac and denied permission to /opt/logrange, manually change permission of /opt recursively in the Mac Finder rather than using sudo access to start the server. Using chmod may not work.

To connect to the server from another terminal window type:

lr shell