Logrange Query Language

The Logrange Query Language is used to communicate with Logrange database. The LQL syntax looks like SQL and has similar goals as SQL has: to be used for requesting data from a database and managing its structures.

To understand LQL it is good to know the Logrange concepts

Record encoding

LQL supposes that every record in database has 2 mandatory fields:

  • ts - record timestamp
  • msg - record message. A text field which contains message associated with the record

A record may contain optional fields, chich could be specified in key-value form. For example field1="abc"


LQL has the following basic commands:

SELECT - reading records from the database
SHOW PARTITIONS - showing list of partitions in the database
DESCRIBE PARITION - providing details about a partition
TRUNCATE - deleting information from the database
SHOW PIPES - show list of known pipes
CREATE PIPE - creating new pipe
DESCRIBE PIPE - providing details about a pipe
DELETE PIPE - deleting pipe