What is Logrange?

Logrange is an open-source streaming database for aggregating application logs, metrics, audit logs and other machine-generated data from thousands of sources.

Logrange is built upon the following principles:

  • Every piece of data has its value
  • Writing data is inexpensive, regardless of volume It’s convenient to have
  • One place for storing data(logs, metrics, audit, etc.)
  • Store first, process later

Logrange infrastructure includes the database and its clients. Database is one or a group of servers run as a cluster. Clients intend for writing data into the database or read it out of there. LQL language is used for reading data from the database.

What do I need to run it?

Logrange executables are available for Linux and MacOs, it takes about 5 minutes to try it out on your local machine to see how it works.

Logrange solutions could be deployed in cloud, on-premise, in VM or in a container, everywhere where Linux runs.

Logrange is written in Golang, so it probably could be build for Windows platform, but we don't see a strong reasons to do it at this moment, so, never tried.


At this moment Logrange has some tools for building a log aggregation.